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These are just one of my latest drawings and others.I hope you enjoy them.




Biohazard: a Creepypasta fanfiction(cover) by SoulReaperlady
Biohazard: a Creepypasta fanfiction(cover)
Alright.This is like,another book cover I made through renders and PiZap.XD This time,it's a creepypasta thing,featuring Ticci Toby!!!Because yep.XD I made one for the Bloody Painter,though chapter one is still fucked.My Jeff the Killer and Slenderman are still drafts.My BEN DROWNED is on hold as a reboot from Quotev.

So here's the story,bros.


Ailene Donovan is your typical socially awkward girl with a major case of paranoia and fear for blood.She's been diagnosed with many disorders ever since she was little,and because of this,she was often bullied for who she was.She feels like a freak and is a social outcast in the society which she lives.Her only friends are Adrian Moseley and Rina Kasugaku,who both stand up for her protectively whenever she gets bullied.
What happens if she meets a mysterious figure one night on her way home from another session with her therapist?This dude,wielding a hatchet,didn't seem to be a threat to her and thinks that she and him both share similar traits shunned by most people.But he did pose some kind of nuisance to her mental health,and she has to make sure he's put in his place.But how's she going to do that,when he's the definition of Biohazard?

:D The novel is still a draft,due to my issues in life.So please be patient.XD I want to revive the Creepypasta fandom,since it seems a bit.....underrated since the rise of FNAF.
What do you think?State your opinions in the comments!
Jurassic World: Operation Exodus Teaser by SoulReaperlady
Jurassic World: Operation Exodus Teaser
This is basically a teaser image of the story I'm writing soon after Dinosauria.Jangmi in the picture is the embodiment of badass.XD
If you're confused,the teaser talks about Jangmi's family,Henry,her husband,and Yaesung,their daughter.
Jurassic World: Operation Exodus by SoulReaperlady
Jurassic World: Operation Exodus
Alright.So this is the cover for my sequel to Jurassic Park: Dinosauria.It's Jurassic World: Operation Exodus.It's basically about the first protagonist,Park Kang Jangmi,and what she did during the incident of the Indominus Rex.And uh.....her side of the story.But she's a professional adult now.So yeah. :D

Title: Jurassic World: Operation Exodus
Genre: Action,adventure,angst,fast-pace
Cast: Jun Ji Hyun,B.D Wong,William Moseley,Chris Pratt,Bryce Dallas Howard,Park Min Ha


Jangmi didn't expect a stress call from Henry.
She was just doing her usual routine of excavating fossils and fulfilling her duties as a housewife,but when she hears that her daughter Yaesung is in trouble amidst the chaos of the rampaging dinosaurs of Isla Nublar caused by the Indominus rex,she immediately explodes into a whirlpool of emotions.Only one thought remains in her mind as she flies to the island herself: Where the hell was her husband and why isn't he there to save their daughter?
Jangmi realizes that it's not only her family that has to be worried of alone; there are people in that island,and they need to get out before they get eaten alive by the dangerous monsters that run rampant around the place.With these obstacles obscuring her path,something tells her that Henry might have a good reason as to not have been there for Yaesung at all.
The only question remains,putting aside this insanity,can Jangmi face her past fears and save not only her family,but as well as the other thousand visitors running around the park?
This is Agent Park,and Operation Exodus has now commenced.

As you can see,the model is Gumi from Vocaloid.Don't worry.I'll give disclaimers to that.And just imagine Jun Ji Hyun with green hair if you can't think of anything.XDXDXDXDXD

Any thoughts about this?Please comment.Lewl.I wanna see your opinions.XDXDXD Should I write this on a book first before posting it on public?
Start commenting!!
Me: Okay...So I just finished watching a walkthrough of Okami.And I think I should do something about it.
Zyrene: And?
Me: I need to make an Arc about it!I need to make an episode of Dovelyn meeting Amaterasu!!
Dovelyn: :iconpokerfacejapanplz: Why me?
Me: Problem?I do what I want,bitch.
Dovelyn: Whatever...
:iconwakaplz: : Eh...Mon ami,I do not see anything wrong with us meeting you.
:iconissunplz: : Me neither!
Dovelyn: Well...if ya put it that way...I guess I should let Admin weave it up.......
:iconwakaplz: : Really?Merci,mon ami.I really do want to have us all in one story.
Me: I'd write it on Wattpad.....Quotev is too dangerous....Or uh....I have too much writer's block there....Kinda serious.I'd try this site,but I don't know how to insert pictures.
Dovelyn: Well pakshet.....
:iconamaterasuplz: Rrr~
Me: What should I do?I'll think of a storyline first...then I'll make a cover for our Arc.Then...I should decide what site should I write it down....Quotev or Wattpad?Or here,in DeviantArt?
:iconwakaplz: : It is up to you,mon ami.
Dovelyn: Roar of applause for that,Pretty boy.
:iconwakaplz: : Why thank you,mon ami.
Me: What do you guys think?suggestions?I have a storyline,but I need a few improvements.And add-ins.What do ya say?Should I involve Hetalia in this arc?
Zyrene: Why ya keep askin' questions?
Me: My habit.
:iconissunplz: Ha!We're the same!Well my friends?What do you think?The firipinjin is waiting for your suggestions.We'll need a list of characters and monsters who will appear in this arc.Also,she's asking which pairing should the story be centered on.Snake babe here has the point of view,but she'll describe things around her with full emotion not shown in most arcs.
Me: Help me out,please?Thanks!
Dovelyn: It's gladly needed.Also,we'll need a picture of me,Ushiwaka,Amaterasu,Issun,Zyrene,Tsukuyomi,and Murasaki Cho.All together making a picture with the title of the arc.


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Artist | Student | Other
I live somewhere in Metro Manila.I have this big dream to be friends with people of different nationalities.I love meeting new people.And I'm looking forward to meet you guys too. :D
See ya.And uh...........................if you want,you can go to and find me.Here's the link to my profile:
This is my Wattpad account:…

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