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These are just one of my latest drawings and others.I hope you enjoy them.




AoT OC: Marikit Palaban by SoulReaperlady
AoT OC: Marikit Palaban
Name: Marikit Palaban
Meaning: In Tagalog,Marikit means "beautiful".As for Palaban,it means "fighting".The two are just simple Tagalog words combined together.However,the word Marikit is a deep Tagalog word for Maganda.
Nickname(s): Mari,Talim("Sharp"),Kit-Kit
Alias (if any): Marie
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Birthday: October 31
Birthplace: Sabah
Current Residence: Jinae Town,Wall Rose
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
Language(s) spoken: German,Tagalog,and some Filipino dialects
Life-Long Dream: To reunite with her older brother and find peace between humans and nature.
Goal(s): To solve the mystery of the Titans and to let the people inside the Walls get a taste of the outside world.
Like(s): danger,the dark,roaming around the district at night,books,animals,nature in particular
Dislike(s): bloodstains,tomato sauce,judgmental people,adults who don't use their brains,empty religion,control-freaks
Bad Habit(s): slightly disgusted with blood,especially if it stained her clothes.She tends to be reckless and always dares to move into action without letting others have their say.She is extremely stubborn and refuses to back down a fight.She also stutters when she talks to someone she likes or is nervous around.She tends to lose thread of the conversation when she enters this state.While she is polite and respectful of higher and older people,she does insult them if she deems them unworthy of this ranking.
Hobbies: combat fighting,sparring,mountain climbing,horseback riding,talking with animals
Fear(s): losing everyone she loves,being all alone,agoraphobia,allodoxaphobia,
Personality: She is an idealistic and optimistic girl with a pure heart.She doesn't let her emotions get to her unless it regards to people she loves.She's also very stubborn,and is empowered by determination and curiosity.She's tenacious,and this tenacity could motivate anyone.
She makes an ideal commander someday,because like Marco,she treats a battle with caution and smarts.She is scared of people's opinion of her,but hides it with confidence,so it isn't always easy to spot.

Favorites(not necessary)-
Food(s): Anything back home(her favorites so far are Sinigang,garlic bread,mango tarts,cheese,and mangoes)
Color(s): blue
Season(s): Winter
Activities: Refer to "Likes"
Time of Day: Night
Extras: has an obsession with the buttocks of Titans.Her favorite so far is the Colossal Titan's ass.

Height: 175 cm
Weight: 49 kg
Hair style: tied in a high ponytail,with additional hair braids custom to her tribe.
Hair Color: ebony black
Eye Color: grayish brown
Skin Tone: tan
Body Shape/Build: slender and petite but athletic
Birth Marks: None
Scar(s): one at her right and left wrists
Other: has a tattoo of a falcon on her back.Also has several tribal tattoos engraved on her left leg,right arm,and left shoulder.They all correspond to her name and the land where she originates: Mai.

Memory (any issues with this?): Accurate memory
Sight (do you need glasses?): Perfect vision(almost like a falcon)
Mental (Any problems? Example: depression): Post Traumatic Disorder
Physical (Do you take care of your body or harm it? Also include injuries): No injuries(save for scar made after performing the sanduguan with Erwin Smith and the one used to prove that she was no Titan during Eren's trial).
Sleep patterns (how you sleep and how much rest do you get?): sleeps in a duration of five hours.
Allergies/Other:  None

Abilities/Statistics (1- lowly skilled, 10- highly skilled and tell why)-
3D Maneuvering Gear: 7
Intelligence: 8
Martial Arts: 10(she's been taught different styles of it ever since she was eight years old.She manages to perfect it after her five years of training by her private instructor)
Battle Skill: 10(she has been trained for five years straight to fight,and kill if necessary.While it applies to Titans,it does the same to humans if they ever threat people's lives,but killing is the last option)
Agility: 10(in addition to her training to evade enemies larger than her,she was taught to use her agility to quickly lose trail of her opponents.)
Strategy: 9
Teamwork: 8
Passion: 9

Affiliation: Survey Corps
Former Affiliation: none
Grad. Rank: None(did not enroll in the Training Corps at the time)
Status (Alive, Missing, etc.): Alive
(Optional) If anything but alive tell what happened: None

Parent(s): the Botts
Sibling(s): Marco Bott(elder brother)
Other Relative(s): Amor Noche(cousin)
Love Interest: Jean Kirstein(crush),Bertolt Hoover
Best Friend(s): Sasha Blouse,Connie Springer,Keith Zamora
Friend(s): Eren,Mikasa,Armin,Reiner,Bertolt,Hanji,Erwin
Enemy(ies): Annie(currently)
Hero(es): Bertolt Hoover,Levi Ackerman
Rival(s): TBA

Quote(s):  TBA

History/Life: TBA
Attack on Titan OCs(fanfic female cast) by SoulReaperlady
Attack on Titan OCs(fanfic female cast)
You can find the bases here

Shariff: Here
Marikit: Here
Keith: Here
Amor: Here

So here are my OCs.As you may have noticed,two are dark-skinned.Yeah....They're from Asia(minus points for popularity because most fans are complaining that Mikasa is the only Asian.But how are we sure about that?)
Alright....I'll pass their character profiles later.I just made them appear together all at once.I do have male OCs,like Kraus Bramante and Knox Gerstenberg.I have this habit of having more female OCs than male ones(another negative point from critics).

I'll do Keith's character sheet first,then Mari's.Yeah.Feel free to kill me regarding Marikit's Asian heritage,because apparently,Mikasa is supposedly the only surviving Asian,which sorta turns me off,because we got no idea what's out there.
But yeah!That's all.I'll flesh them out in the character sheets!Hope you like this.Sorry if I used bases(I'm currently unequipped with an drawing program apart from Pizap and Paint.)

Once again,Attack on Titan does not belong to me.If it was,Petra would be still alive,and Marco comes back as a Titan to help save humanity(yes I am bitter about his "death".Damn it,Freckled Jesus.)
Me: Okay...So I just finished watching a walkthrough of Okami.And I think I should do something about it.
Zyrene: And?
Me: I need to make an Arc about it!I need to make an episode of Dovelyn meeting Amaterasu!!
Dovelyn: :iconpokerfacejapanplz: Why me?
Me: Problem?I do what I want,bitch.
Dovelyn: Whatever...
:iconwakaplz: : Eh...Mon ami,I do not see anything wrong with us meeting you.
:iconissunplz: : Me neither!
Dovelyn: Well...if ya put it that way...I guess I should let Admin weave it up.......
:iconwakaplz: : Really?Merci,mon ami.I really do want to have us all in one story.
Me: I'd write it on Wattpad.....Quotev is too dangerous....Or uh....I have too much writer's block there....Kinda serious.I'd try this site,but I don't know how to insert pictures.
Dovelyn: Well pakshet.....
:iconamaterasuplz: Rrr~
Me: What should I do?I'll think of a storyline first...then I'll make a cover for our Arc.Then...I should decide what site should I write it down....Quotev or Wattpad?Or here,in DeviantArt?
:iconwakaplz: : It is up to you,mon ami.
Dovelyn: Roar of applause for that,Pretty boy.
:iconwakaplz: : Why thank you,mon ami.
Me: What do you guys think?suggestions?I have a storyline,but I need a few improvements.And add-ins.What do ya say?Should I involve Hetalia in this arc?
Zyrene: Why ya keep askin' questions?
Me: My habit.
:iconissunplz: Ha!We're the same!Well my friends?What do you think?The firipinjin is waiting for your suggestions.We'll need a list of characters and monsters who will appear in this arc.Also,she's asking which pairing should the story be centered on.Snake babe here has the point of view,but she'll describe things around her with full emotion not shown in most arcs.
Me: Help me out,please?Thanks!
Dovelyn: It's gladly needed.Also,we'll need a picture of me,Ushiwaka,Amaterasu,Issun,Zyrene,Tsukuyomi,and Murasaki Cho.All together making a picture with the title of the arc.


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Artist | Student | Other
I live somewhere in Metro Manila.I have this big dream to be friends with people of different nationalities.I love meeting new people.And I'm looking forward to meet you guys too. :D
See ya.And uh...........................if you want,you can go to and find me.Here's the link to my profile:
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